A new Adventure and Venture!

I’m excited to be launching a new venture. I am expanding my dog walking, sitting and massage services from friends and family to a wider audience in the Iowa City area.

Recently I retired from my work as a Hospice Caregiver. I am now focusing my attention on my massage practice, Bodywork For Life’s Seasons and my new business, Quadrapaws – 4 on the floor and out the door! Dog walking, sitting and massage.

I am creating a more gentle way of life and plan to focus on things that bring me joy. My clients know that practicing massage for me is as meditative and restorative as it is to them. I sink right into my place of peace, calm, vision and restoration when I am giving a massage. I love the symbiotic exchange of giving and receiving simultaneously.

My canine work offers the same “happy place” to me. I get a kick out of and never get tired of watching dogs sniff and mark, sniff and mark to finally find the prime real estate to poop and pee. I like to watch them watch birds, squirrels, bunnies, people and other dogs and cats. And when they catch a scent I know to pay attention! Watch their tails, it will tell you so much about what they are feeling about what they are seeing and what their next move might be.

Have a look at my “Canine Services” page for more information including pricing and testimonials. And feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas or comments you might have. Stay safe!!

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