Canine Services

I was born into a dog loving family. From puppies being born in my closet to neighborhood dog shows I organized with categories like:  Most Unusual Dog. I love dogs and am drawn to them like I’m drawn to babies. Yes, I talk baby talk to them.

As an adult my first dog Schnook was the model for a greeting card line I called Quadrapaws. When thinking of a name for my new venture I decided to revive the name Quadrapaws in honor of Schnook. Recently I retired as a Hospice Specialist Caregiver in a local hospice home. I still practice massage therapy and see clients part-time. The reincarnated Quadrapaws was inspired from my desire to interact with dogs, stay active and have a purpose for my walks. I want more four legged friends!

Walks:  Up to 30 minutes $15.00 for one dog. $20 for two dogs. Over 30 minutes prorated at $0.50 per minute. 

Sitting:  Per day $35.00 for one dog. $10 each additional dog.

Massage:  20 minutes $25.00 for one dog. Over 20 minutes prorated at $1.25 per minute.


What I promise you is that I will treat your dog with the same care as my own. I am committed to making their time with me productive, healthy and happy.


Call: 319-621-4603 text/message, secret, if I don’t know the phone number I don’t answer so leave a message and I’ll call right back. There are far too many scammers out there. Email:

Here are some words from happy dog parents:

” Barb Brender is a terrific person for dog care! She has been taking care of our dog, Tara, for more than 4 years now, and Tara always returns from her care feeling both happy and healthy. Barb walks her every day, sometimes several times a day, and recognizes her needs even better than I do at times. When Tara sees Barb she immediately goes into her “happy” mode and it’s clear that they have developed a relationship that is good for both of them. Tara is a shy girl and doesn’t automatically let outsiders pet her. But she is different with Barb, and always has been. Barb seems to have a natural and easy way of relating to Tara that allows for a deep friendship between them. In other words, Barb is trustworthy, even with a dog who doesn’t trust easily, and she allows Barb to pet her and play with her while other people are often kept at a distance. Tara also receives doggie massages from Barb, and she obviously loves them. I have known Barb as a friend, a student of massage, and an employee for more than 15 years. She has always been highly responsible, sensitive, and kind, and I truly cannot recommend her enough. You can be sure that your dog will be taken care of both kindly and competently.” — Candida Maurer, PhD,  Director, Eastwind Healing Center                                               


” Barb is a natural caregiver for people AND animals! She uses her keen observation skills and gentle approach to get to know your dog as an individual – what they like (and don’t), need, and want to be healthy and content. We trust her completely to care for our Lulu – there’s none better.” — Patricia M. Zebrowski, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, Professor Emerita, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders                                                                                                                            




After several visits with Barb working on my wellbeing Barb had suggested working on my service dog Amber. After our conversation it only made sense to have Amber worked on since we were feeding off each other’s energy! Barb truly cares about her client’s wellbeing. I noticed that my service dog was more focused on her job and released of stress! I highly recommend Barb’s services for both muscular healing and relaxation alike. Barb became one my my most valued emergency contacts for my service dog! Together we developed a massage tool called Bodyballs and the profits went towards Amber’s care expenses. –Sherry Christoffer, client & friend