Relieve Back Pain with Massage Therapy

Bodywork For Life's Seasons/spine imageChronic or not, a little bit of back pain goes a long way! Massage Therapy can be a key component in gaining relief from back pain. In my massage practice in Iowa City, IA I see a diverse population. Neck and shoulder pain is a common complaint with back pain following close behind.

When folks come to me with back pain I find out as many details as possible. To form a comprehensive plan of treatment I want to know it’s origin, intensity of discomfort/pain, length of time of discomfort and about consultations with doctors or specialists.

I combine several different massage techniques and find that working the affected area of muscles releases tension and spasms while producing feel good hormones (endorphins)
that result in less pain and discomfort and help with depression and anxiety caused by back pain. By treating the affected muscles, metabolic waste from the tissue will release and circulation will increase to bring nutrition to the muscles and tissues. This combination assists the muscles in recovering from soreness or soft tissue injury and begin renewing.

It’s important to take your back pain seriously. Speaking from my own experience I know that it can be a long road to recovery. Finding a comprehensive team of both traditional and alternative practitioners who can assist in your recovery plan is important for your recovery.

Remember, Barb Brender of Bodywork For Life’s Seasons in Iowa City, Iowa has your back! I would love to team with you and your other practitioners to ease your pain and discomfort into a distant memory. I am living proof that with dedication and perseverance it can be done!

2 thoughts on “Relieve Back Pain with Massage Therapy

  1. Janeta Tansey

    I really appreciate your wisdom and professionalism in wanting to practice collaboratively and carefully with a team of health care providers on complex and/or multifactorial syndromes, whether back pain or other chronic pain. You are a real advocate for your clients’ healing journeys! Thanks, Barb!


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