Barb is a really outstanding massage therapist! I greatly look forward to my monthly sessions with her to help my physical pain as well as emotional stresses. She has a calming and precise focus that helps my body to gently release. I have always felt great for weeks afterwards..my neck feels longer, shoulders feel more open, heart and soul are aligned. Thank you so much for the care you give to me! I look forward to our time together in the future. — Luna D., Licensed Massage Therapist

“Enjoyed the time talking and getting to know Barb. A thorough and healing massage with greater looseness in my shoulder and hip, right away and again this morning. Thanks so much!” — Laurie Z., Artist/Teacher

The hardest words to hear in the softest voice are these: “Tricia, take your time… and when you’re ready open the door.” This is what Barb says after each session while she gently pats my back and I come to the surface. I don’t want to be ready. I want to stay here. Whenever Barb gets to my left foot when I’m lying on my belly I know that it’s only a matter of time before I’ll hear those words, and I start to feel a little twinge.

Today I had hot stones, and I noticed that when Barb placed them in a line along my spine I felt grounded somehow. I can’t explain it, but it made me calm and present. The next time I go I am going to see if I can stay so present to the experience that when she starts to work on my left foot there is no twinge of anticipation or expectancy. And when she says “Tricia, take your time….”, I will welcome it. — Patricia Z., Ph.D. CCC-SLP, Professor                                                  

Pregnant Henna BellyI was fortunate enough to receive almost weekly prenatal massage with Barb during the last trimester of my twin pregnancy.  At the very first sessionI remember lying on my side, as she smoothly stroked down my back, thinking, “Oh, how good it feels to be mothered and nurtured.”  This was my second pregnancy, and as you can imagine with twins, it was quite an experience!  Yet, there, on Barb’s table, this momma could take a true break and restore and renew.

Each session we did, Barb got more comfortable with me (and the babes) and we, in turn, got closer and more connected to her.  As the relationship unfolded, she moved deeper into the nooks and crannies of my big old pregnant self!  It was the greatest gift of self-care during a time when self-care is of upmost importance!

After each session, I always felt more grounded and more at home in my ever-changing body. Barb always took the time to ask what I’d been experiencing that week and then tailored her sessions to my needs.  The prenatal massages helped me sleep better, remain calm amidst fluctuating hormones, and provided sacred bonding time with my babes as we three settled into the caring, warm hands of Barb. —  Fannie H., yoga instructor, choreographer, theatre artist 

I have really benefited and received great results from going to Barb for massage.  I have been seeing Barb for over 3 years and her Swedish/Shiatsu and Hot Stone massages really loosen up the tension in my muscles that builds up through the every day work and home stressors.  Barb is a great listener, and has tailored massages to certain areas of my body when I have asked her to.  I do a lot of computer work and Barb does a remarkable job at loosening and massaging my head, face, neck, and shoulders.  I accidentally fell off a ladder 5 months ago and shattered my left wrist and fractured my right wrist.  After my doctor took off my casts, Barb’s knowledge and experience with massage has allowed her to be able to work on my wrists in order to improve my movement and get my wrists working again.   I definitely recommend Barb for anyone who is new to massage or to anyone that has received massage treatments in the past and wants to try someone new. — Mark P., M.A.

I started going to Barb for a sciatica issue that was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort. It was so bad that I had previously been unable to lie on a table without continuous pain. Barb found a way to position me on the table so I could comfortably receive a massage. And she knew exactly where to massage to affect the area of muscles which needed treatment. My sciatica issue has subsided now, and I continue massages with Barb to provide continuous relief from all the other aches and pains I commonly have. She’s Great!! — Gary L. Satisfied Client

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Jenny

    Barb’s presence is soothing and clear. I find that the reflexology leaves my feet feeling tingly and awake, deeply relaxes and refreshes my whole body, happily pampered.

    1. renewlifeenergy Post author

      You do seem to dance off the table when we’ve finished a reflexology session. It’s fascinating how much impact this therapy has on our whole person. I always feel like dancing after I’ve had a session. Thanks for sharing!


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