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Geriatric Massage for the Young at Heart!

Geriatric Bodywork For Life's SeasonsProviding massage therapy to geriatric clients is a true pleasure to me. I have years of experience massaging my own mother and others. I was mom’s caregiver for six years and one of the things that always made her more comfortable was having a massage. It was nearly a nightly event at our house. I would get her comfortable in the massage chair and work out the stiff and painful spots in her neck, back, arms and legs. I quickly felt stress and discomfort leave her body, replaced with peaceful breathing and wonderful sighs. When the massage was over mom would be very calm and relaxed and often took a nice nap, waking to feel refreshed and quite happy.

As we age, and I know this to be true from my own experience, little and sometimes not so little aches and pains crop up. Being able to work with a population who experiences this frequently is very satisfying to me. Just like with my mom, I quickly notice them calming as their breathing gets more quiet and less strained. As time goes on they report feeling better in their daily life experience.

Some of the benefits of massage therapy for geriatrics include:

  • Receiving compassionate touch
  • Reduced pain in joints and muscles
  • Increased serotonin, a feel good hormone which lifts the spirit and calms the nerves
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Improves circulation, which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination
  • Relieves tight muscles (knots) and other aches and pains
  • Releases nerve compression (carpel tunnel, sciatica)
  • Increases flexibility, tight muscles and range of motion
  • Enhances overall energy and vitality

If you visit me for a massage I will do everything I can to accommodate any physical limitations. We will find a way to make you comfortable and relaxed and focus our work on your needs and expectations. I have a great appreciation for folks who have lived through many years of life and feel very rewarded and honored to work with them. I look forward to working with you.