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Pregnancy Massage: Mama’s Little Helper!

Pregnant Henna Belly

Beautiful Henna Baby Belly, Fannie and twins

Whether you are in your first trimester, second trimester or coming up to your third and awaiting the big day, pregnancy massage, from a certified therapist, will help you get in touch with each transition in relaxed comfort.  Tell me where you’re feeling discomfort, where you feel the baby is resting and how it’s impacting your body. During this incredible transformation and creation of life your body is changing…literally, in every single moment. Every incredible moment.

Receiving a pregnancy massage is to experience true nurturing and self-care. Something every expecting mom deserves to prepare her for the upcoming arrival of baby. Stop, relax and really check in with yourself and your baby. I guarantee you’ll feel a profound shift in your own well-being and quite a lot of happy activity from the baby. Babies love pregnancy massage, they seem to thrill from the increase of “feel good” hormones and become quite active. When mom is happy, calm and relaxed, baby is too!

Pregnancy Massage is a tremendous relaxer for every expecting mom. During pregnancy you and your body are on an incredibly expansive (not just your waist line) journey. You are the vessel for a new life and your health and well-being directly impact your baby. Every day, in so many ways, your body is changing as your baby grows.

I will partner with you along this journey, moving through the different stages, adjusting your session to accommodate your specific needs and preferences. Learn more techniques to calm and relax yourself while experiencing the physical transformation and benefits of certified pregnancy massage.

Thoughtful baby shower gift: As a single or group gift, a package of one pregnancy massage per month and two after baby is born, is a wonderful way to gift the pregnant woman in your life. Each month you’ll know you’re supporting her in her journey, even if your miles away.